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April 29, 2009betrayal2


It’s been a long time since I’ve had the time to focus on my website. If you read my posts from Feb 27th and 28th, you may have figured that my energy and attention has gone into appealing the School Employees Retirement System’s (SERS) decision to terminate my disability.

With this appeal, my life and character have once again been scrutinized and ripped apart. The reports from SERS’ examining doctors have twisted and distorted who I am into a person whom I do not recognized and would not have much respect for. Then these reports are circulated to my treating doctors and it leaves me wondering if they can see through the lies, or if they are starting to believe them. I have become distrustful of just about everyone.

I feel myself pulling away from just about everyone, not knowing who I can or cannot trust. I now understand what it’s like to live with a sense of paranoia. I understand why so many people with brain injury have “mental health” problems. Even if these issues exist because of the brain injury or even existed to some extent before the brain injury, they are most certainly exacerbated by interacting both with professionals who are uneducated about brain injury and/or unethical professionals who have an agenda to push in order to save money for organizations.

After reading an article which appeared in The New York Times titled, A World of Hurt: Exams of Injured Workers Filled with Mistrust (click on to read), I wonder if this same thing is occurring with the SERS organization I am dealing with.

· There are only certain doctors which they use for their “independent” medical exams; one of these doctors even had his license taken away twice.

· These doctors repeatedly ignore, disregard and even misrepresent information provided by treating doctors.

· The SERS doctors do very brief exams and are supposed to be more knowledgeable than a person’s treating doctors that a person has seen once a month for years.

· SERS doctors’ opinions are taken over the treating doctors and even disability decisions made by the Social Security Administration.

This next one is particularly clever…..

· When an SERS doctor disagrees with treating doctor, he simply concludes that the treating doctor and any other professionals involved “are contributing to the patient’s delusion that she has a brain injury!”

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