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TBI Writers Support Group

August 19, 2009writing, hand

TBI Writers Support Group

One of the things that started me thinking about a TBI Skype Support Group, was an incident that happened last month. While at our local center for brain injury, I visited with their medical librarian whose job is to help doctors, therapists, TBI patients, their caregivers and other TBI survivors in the community. I went to see if she could find information about a complex condition I have….Basilar Artery Migraines. When I do a search on the internet, I find very little. I wanted to see if she could find more information about it and was pleasantly surprised when she announced over 5,000 hits to her search!

During my time with her, I told her about my website which I created because I found it so therapeutic for me to write. She told me about a TBI Writers Support Group offered twice a week that she facilitates at the center because she thought it would be very therapeutic for TBI survivors to write — an activity which might go along nicely with their other types of therapy. I have been having a difficult time writing (as you may have noticed my decreased postings here) because of the things that are going on in my life. Yet at the same time, that is when writing seems to be most helpful. I wanted to participate in the group, but transportation to the center is a problem for me.

I asked her if they had the ability to use Skype so that could participate. After explaining Skype to her, she approached her supervisor who gave approval to try this out. I am hoping they will have the program up and running for this Friday’s group, but if not, I will post what I’ve written on my website and participate via speaker phone…not the greatest way to participate, but it feels wonderful to have someone be willing to find ways to overcome obstacles so that I might participate. Thank you, Barbara!!!

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Looking for 3 People to Assist Me in Starting a Skype Brain Injury Support Group

August 13, 2009Computer screen with Skype

Looking for 3 People to Assist Me in Starting a Skype Brain Injury Support Group


Many people with TBI experience an overwhelming sense of social isolation. Some of this is due to a lack of transportation to allow the survivor the opportunity to participate in existing support groups within their community. Other survivors who may have transportation may not have access to a community of other TBI survivors who are able to understand and appreciate the challenges we face.


Since 20 years of my professional life as a social worker involved developing and organizing support groups, I am looking to draw upon that knowledge and experience to tackle the above problem. I plan on developing and offering a Brain Injury Support Group using Skype and am looking for about 3 other individuals who are interested in working with me to develop such a group.


  1. You must be a TBI survivor
  2. You must have or be willing to obtain a webcam and learn how to do a video call using Skype


If you are interested in helping me make this a reality, please send an email to me at: by Tuesday, Aug. 18th

Please include the following information in your email:

  1. Your name and brief description about your TBI (i.e., how acquired, when)
  2. Why you are interested in doing this
  3. What special abilities or experiences you have to offer

**If more than 3 people respond, I will find a way to include you in this project. I anticipate that a core group of about 4 people is an ideal number to begin with while first undertaking such a project.

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