Looking for 3 People to Assist Me in Starting a Skype Brain Injury Support Group

August 13, 2009Computer screen with Skype

Looking for 3 People to Assist Me in Starting a Skype Brain Injury Support Group


Many people with TBI experience an overwhelming sense of social isolation. Some of this is due to a lack of transportation to allow the survivor the opportunity to participate in existing support groups within their community. Other survivors who may have transportation may not have access to a community of other TBI survivors who are able to understand and appreciate the challenges we face.


Since 20 years of my professional life as a social worker involved developing and organizing support groups, I am looking to draw upon that knowledge and experience to tackle the above problem. I plan on developing and offering a Brain Injury Support Group using Skype and am looking for about 3 other individuals who are interested in working with me to develop such a group.


  1. You must be a TBI survivor
  2. You must have or be willing to obtain a webcam and learn how to do a video call using Skype


If you are interested in helping me make this a reality, please send an email to me at: twilightinsight@gmail.com by Tuesday, Aug. 18th

Please include the following information in your email:

  1. Your name and brief description about your TBI (i.e., how acquired, when)
  2. Why you are interested in doing this
  3. What special abilities or experiences you have to offer

**If more than 3 people respond, I will find a way to include you in this project. I anticipate that a core group of about 4 people is an ideal number to begin with while first undertaking such a project.

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3 Responses to “Looking for 3 People to Assist Me in Starting a Skype Brain Injury Support Group”

  1. 1 John Hansen
    February 21, 2010 at 7:15 am

    Hi there Angela.
    This is an amazing, amazing coincidence!!
    I had an ABI (aneurysm) in 2001 followed by a TBI late last year. I too was a social worker- and for 20 years as well- !! and set up a group locally for survivors, like you, wishing to help others avoid the isolation following these brain trauma. I’ve had to leave my employment- pushed out actually and would love to talk about it- and I also thought why not use skype as an excellent medium for this. I hope all this is not too late.. I’m not sure why, but it seemed you were looking for three people (why three?) by a certain date last year? If you’re still looking- my email is johnhb69@gmail.com.
    John Hansen
    New Zealand
    (my skype name is johnnavon)

    • February 24, 2010 at 6:23 am

      Hi John,

      I am very glad that you were able to find my website. I am still interested in trying to do some kind of Skype support group. The reason I was looking for 3 people was that I thought that was a manageable number of people to start with in terms of figuring out how something like this might work. Although I set a target date last year, I became sidetracked with some very big challenges….termination of my disability pension by SERS (School Employees Retirement System) even though my treating doctors and Social Security find me disabled, foreclosure proceedings on my home, and uncertainty about where I will be living next.

      I am still interested in the Skyping TBI Support Group project, but may not be as organized as I wanted to be in approaching this until I am moved out of my home and into a new location. I will add your skype name to my contact list and will log onto Skype sometime this week and look for you. My skype name is twilightinsight.


    • February 24, 2010 at 6:48 am

      Hi John,

      I have found it very interesting whenever I run into another person who is a social worker with a TBI. I LOVED my job as a parent educator/early childhood professional and miss the work very much. I used to be good at running playgroups for parents and their young children (birth to 5 yrs), often with 8 parents and 10 to 12 children within a classroom specially set up for young children. As one might imagine, there was always a lot of activity and noise which I was particularly good at managing in a way which supported both the children and the parents.

      Part of my TBI challenges include a hypersensitivity to auditory and visual stimulation. Needless to say, I find it difficult just getting out to do grocery shopping. One crying child in the store causes so much sensory overload that I either have to wear earplugs or headphones or cut my shopping short.

      I tell myself that all of this must have happened for a reason….something that makes this journey a little more tolerable for me. I have run into so many professionals who don’t have a clue about TBI and many other TBI “owners” who have had similar experiences with professionals, that I think there is a reason and purpose for those of us with social work backgrounds who really understand the impact of TBI on one’s life.

      I look forward to talking with you more about your experiences.


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