By Angela

About Angela

A. Before the Accident

B. Angela as a Parent Educator/Program Coordinator

1. Job Description

C. The Day Life Changed

D. Something’s Wrong…I Don’t Feel Like Myself

E. A Picture of My Brain Injury

F. Look Inside My Head


2 Responses to “About Angela”

  1. January 4, 2009 at 6:25 pm

    You inspire me often. I was interested in knowing what caused the coice of the name twilightinsight? it has a sond like there is deeper meaning to it than a random choice.

    • January 8, 2009 at 9:27 pm

      Dear Michael,

      Yes, you are correct. There is a deeper reason than simply random choice to the selection of “twilight insight” for the name of my website. It is explained in the last part of my Introduction:

      “Twilight is the period in the morning or evening in which diffused light from the sun softly breaks through the darkness; this occurs either at daybreak or sunrise when the sun is just below the horizon. Twilight is also the latter phase of one’s life, before death. Twilight times can emit feelings of uncertainty or fear of being swallowed up by the darkness, by death. Yet the presence of light just below the horizon sends out feelings of hope – a promise of a dawn, a new beginning. A promise that there is light to see one’s way through the darkness.”

      My journey with brain injury has been a dark time which has elicited feelings of uncertainty and fear and resulted in a “death of my old self.” During these “twilight times,” I have been reminded to look for the light which exists in these twilight times. A light which helps me find my way. A light which represents a sense of hope and a new beginning to a “new me.”

      So this website is about the insights I’ve had during both my dark times and times when I’ve found some light, thus “Twilight Insights.” Thanks for asking.


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