By Angela

Teach Me To Learn Program Coordinator

Job Description

Attend 5-day training for Teach Me To Learn parent educator certification; satisfy parent educator inservice requirements for re-certification.

Provide the same direct services as other parent educators

  • Provide monthly home visits to enrolled parents of children (birth to 3 and/or birth to 5); requires some evening home visits
  • Maintain home visit notes and service records
  • Conduct developmental screenings (Ages & Stages Questionnaire and/or Denver Developmental II Screening)
  • Plan and conduct center-based programming for parent-child programs and parent programs
  • Plan and conduct programs for pregnant and parenting teens at the high school

Develop and implement a service delivery plan

  • Develop filing system and organized record-keeping
  • Organize (TMTL) parent handouts, personal visit materials and resources for parent educators

Supervise staff

  • Provide orientation for new parent educators and educational aide
  • Conduct individual supervision meetings with each parent educator
  • Provide observation and consultation with home visits (at least once per year)
  • Conduct weekly staff meetings
  • Review service records on a regular basis
  • Identify staff’s professional needs
  • Provide ongoing training for staff
  • Identify opportunities for professional development of staff

Involve and coordinate staff in planning and providing the following services: parent newsletter, center-based programs, home visits, developmental screenings  other collaborative programs (i.e., Head Start, preschool, high school parents)

Develop and maintain community relationships necessary for program service delivery—

  • Build relationships and collaborate with community services and resources
  • Form a TMTL advisory board consisting of community leaders; conduct advisory board meetings
  • Develop and implement community awareness and recruitment strategies

Develop system for communicating program statistics to school officials, state TMTL coordinator and National TMTL Center—

  • Track participant characteristics, number of home visits, center-based program attendance, etc.
  • Develop and conduct yearly program evaluations for parents
  • Complete Quarterly Reports to state TMTL coordinator
  • Complete Annual Report to TMTL National Center
  • Summarize program services and evaluations for school officials

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