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Printable Cook Book Pages

Because I lived alone during the early years of my brain injury and meal preparation was fraught with challenges, I had to come up with strategies quickly around meals and cooking. One really frustrating challenge was the problems I had with reading and following directions. Sometimes favorite recipes were no longer “favorite” because I’d forget critical ingredients!

One of my early attempts at figuring out rehabilitation for myself involved scrapbooking. I was having problems with eye-hand coordination, attention, problem-solving and finding ways to have fun in my life. I loved doing crafts before my accident, but many things seemed too complicated now. Scrapbooking was a favorite, but I knew the kind of scrapbooking I had done in the past would be much too advanced for me. Suddenly thoughts about scrapbooking, problems with following recipes and what I could make to give my daughters for Christmas all converged.

I decided to put together a cook book of our family’s favorite recipes. And I thought that adding pictures of what the recipe looked like once done, a picture of the person in our family who liked it and pictures of the ingredients would provide some visual interest. What I discovered was that having pictures of the ingredients helped me with my cooking, especially when words started becoming groups of squiggly lines that all just blended together.

The other thing that was helpful in putting together this cook book, was that I included many easy recipes which I used over and over again in one place. I could also control for a larger size print and directions written in a way that was easier for me to follow – only 1 or 2 sentences per point.

Under this section, I will describe how you can make your own cook book. I will make up some pages similar to what I did in my own family recipe scrapbook, but will make them so they can be placed in sheet protectors in a notebook. My format may not be helpful for all people with brain injuries. For example, another person with a brain injury, may find the pictures too distracting. If my format is not helpful, try to find a family member or friend who has the skill to put together recipes in a way that works with your own challenges.

I will add to the recipe pages as I am able.

a. Make Your Own TBI Cook Book make_your_own_cookbook

b. Cook Book Cover Sheet cookbook_cover_page

c. My List of “Someone Else Cooked It” Options restaurant_options

d. Favorite Snacks Questionnaire favorite_snacks_questionnaire

e. Artichoke Hummus artichoke_hummus_1 artichoke_hummus_2

f. Beef Stew – beef_stew_1 beef_stew_2

g. Confetti Cauliflower Pasta Salad confetti_cauliflower_pasta_salad_1 confetti_cauliflower_pasta_salad_2

h. Corn Pudding   corn_pudding

i. Easy Cooker Sweet Potatoes with Applesauce   sweet_potatoes_with_applesauce

j. Easy Spinach Salads easy_spinach_salads_1 easy_spinach_salads_2

k. Egg Salad Recipes – Great for figuring out what to make before your eggs go bad egg_salad_1 egg_salad_2 egg_salad_3

l. Fast Fumi Salad fast_fumi_salad_1 fast_fumi_salad_2

m. Garlic-Lemon Cauliflower Stir Fry garlic_lemon_cauliflower_stir_fry

n. Garlic Mashed Potatoes garlic_mashed_potatoes

o. Gazpacho Soup   gazpacho_soup_1 gazpacho_soup_2

p. Quick and Easy Snack Ideas quick_snacks_1 quick_snacks_2 quick_snacks_3 quick_snacks_4

q. Mushroom Gravy mushroom_gravy

r. Rosemary Carrots rosemary_carrots

s. Turkey Pappardelle turkey_pappardelle_1 turkey_pappardelle_2

© Angela Cramer, 2008

Photo is the property of Jupiterimages made available through subscription:
© Jupiterimages Corporation, 2008


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