By Angela

Make Your Own Medical Alert Cards

I began carrying around laminated Medical Alert cards hooked on my purse because of my difficulty communicating to others what was happening to me when I most needed help. The cards displayed a Medical Alert symbol and were easily seen by others. They also came in useful whenever I went to a doctor’s appointment or the ER at a hospital. Medical staff appreciate the information contained in one place and will make a copy of this, instead of making you copy the information on their forms. I hope this makes a piece of your life a little easier to deal with.

1. Purchase a 4 x 6” photo book with about 18 pages (enough to hold about 36 photos). I purchased one for $1 at Walmart.

2. Click on the following pages below and print out

a. MA_cards_Medical_Alert

b. MA_cards_Insurance_Info

c. MA_cards_Medications

d. MA_cards_Treating_Physicians

e. MA_cards_Emergency_Contacts

f. MA_cards_Other_Contacts

g. MA_cards_My_Symptoms

h. MA_cards_How_You_Can_Help_Me

i. MA_cards_Migraine_Triggers

3. Fill out the 4 x 6” information sheets and cut out.

4. Place the card titled “Medical Alert” in the cover of the mini photo album. The card which begins with “Allergies” should be placed in the inside cover.

5. Place the remaining cards in the photo pocket pages. Extra blank sheets can be stored in a photo pocket page.

6. Print out more sheets as you find the need to update the information on your Medical Alert cards.

© Angela Cramer, 2008

Photo: © Angela Cramer, 2008


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