By Angela

Mystery Visitors – BIG Birds

One summer morning, I was sitting outside on a blue plastic crate, clipping the grass around the bricks upon which my container garden rested. The dogs were inside and I was facing so that I could see them looking out the sliding glass door. Suddenly they started barking and going ballistic. I thought it probably was a rabbit or squirrel and ignored them, going about my business of stretching my legs and clipping the grass.

They wouldn’t stop and kept becoming more and more worked up. Finally, I stood up and turned around to see the cause of their distress. Standing behind me were two huge white swans and their seven babies! It’s not often that nine swans come to visit in my backyard and I wanted to get a picture of them. I hobbled into the house as quickly as I could, and grabbed my camera and some old bread crumbs.

Much to my surprise, instead of being appreciative of me scattering the bread around for them and their babies, the parents decided they wanted me out of the picture. They spread their wings, cranked their necks and began hissing at me.

Having grown up on a farm with geese for a short while, I was well aware of the fact that these swans could break my leg by hitting me with their wings. My dilemma was that, because of my physical limitations, there was no way I could drop the bread and run. Now it was time to apply some bird psychology. I stood up as tall as I could and held my arms out to the side, showing them that my “wings” were bigger than theirs. And then I started hissing at them!

Much to my surprise, they backed away from me. I finished throwing the bread around and we ended up having a nice visit. Later, I thought that this visit was so unusual that there must be a symbolic message in it. Check out my interpretation by clicking on Nine Swans A-Feeding.

© Angela Cramer, 2008

Tags: hobbies and healings, backyard nature, attracting birds and other creatures, hobbies for the handicapped, swans, photography, therapeutic activities


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