By Angela

Container Gardening

a. Container Gardening 2007

b. Container Gardening 2008

Gardening has always been one of my hobbies. After my husband left me, I spent a lot of time digging up our yard and planting all kinds of flower beds. Digging in the dirt helped release a lot of my anger and tension. I planted perennials, medicinal herbs and a variety of plants and flowers to attract butterflies and hummingbirds. Just as I knew the plants would fill in the barren spaces of ground and blossom with time, I hoped my life would do the same.

The barren parts of my life filled in like my flowerbeds. Though life wasn’t always easy, I was happier and more content than I had been in my marriage. I was proud of my daughters for what responsible and mature young women they were becoming, and of myself for being able to support the three of us.

My life after the accident was very difficult. Especially since I was not physically able to do hobbies and activities which I had done previously to help me through stressful times. On a couple of occasions, I collapsed while out in the backyard and drive way and was not able to get up until resting for about 20 minutes or so. Because of this difficulty, doing much gardening, particularly by myself, was out of the question.

While at the grocery store one day, I noticed a magazine which had an article on container gardening. I brought out some unused flower pots of varying sizes and placed them close to my 10 foot sliding glass door where I could see them when lying on the couch in the back of my home. (Click on one of the links above to see the results.)

On this page I will have pictures of my flowerbeds before the accident.

© Angela Cramer, 2008

Tags: TBI, traumatic brain injury, acquired brain injury, post concussion syndrome, therapeutic activities, therapeutic hobbies, hobbies for the handicapped, backyard nature, container gardening, attracting butterflies, attracting hummingbirds


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