By Angela

McGyver and the Insurance Man

When McGyver was 2-years-old, he had quite a vocabulary. And it was language that he used in appropriate situations. For example, when he wanted someone to come over to his cage and talk to him, he would blurt out, “Hi, Big Guy!” (‘Big Guy’ was a nick name given to him by my friend’s 5-year-old son, who after seeing him said, “He sure is a BIG GUY!”)

When he wanted to come out of his cage, he would say, “Step up!” This was a command I would say to him as I placed my hand in front of the opened cage door, so he would ‘step up’ onto my hand so I could take him out of his cage.

When he wanted the feathers on top of his head tickled, he would bend his head down, ruffle the feathers on top of his head and say “Koochie, koochie, koo!” (A phrase I would say to him whenever I tickled him on the top of his head.)

One day, an insurance agent came over to my home to get a signature on a new policy I had purchased. I directed him to have a seat on the couch in the front room. It was quieter here.

Sometimes when people came over, the birds got too stimulated and made too much noise. Since I needed a break of some quiet “down time,” I thought our taking care of business in the front part of the house would keep the birds quiet.

As I mentioned before, birds are very intelligent. McGyver could hear us talking in the front of the house and did not want to be ignored. I heard him repeat over and over again, “Hi! Hello!” Ignoring his pleas for attention was not working because he kept repeating this louder and louder.

The insurance agent looked at me and said, “Well, who is that?”

“Oh, that’s McGyver,” I replied with a bit of an annoyed look on my face.

In an attempt to be understanding of the continuous bombardment of “Hi”s and “Hello”s, he said to me, “How old is McGyver?”

“He’s two,” I said.

McGyver at this point decided he needed a new strategy if he were to get the attention he desired. All of a sudden he blurts out, “Hi, Big Guy! Koochie, koochie, koo!”

I wished you could see the agent’s look on his face upon this utterance, as his face turned beat red and he looked at me with an odd quizzical look on his face. He obviously thought that McGyver was a 2-year-old child of mine. He probably wondered what kind of mother I was, in fact, what kind of “parent educator” I was, who would teach her young child to say, “Hi, Big Guy. Koochie, koochie, koo!” to a strange man!

Finding it difficult to do anything but laugh hysterically, I said, “McGyver is my 2-year-old bird who can talk. He wants me to come in and say Hi to him and tickle his head feathers!”

© Angela Cramer, 2008


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