By Angela

jeu du roiChanges

Before My Brain Injury

I am a finely polished spinning top made of exquisite hardwood.

Designed for success in the game of life…jeu du roi

I am made for winning and achieving, powered by the twine expertly wrapped around me, infused with my passion for the work I do and with my desire to accomplish and, spinning

Set out the wooden pins, life’s goals, and watch me deftly knock down one and swiftly go onto the next.

Hear my fine whir, marvel at my swiftness.

I am beauty and magnificence in motion!


After My Brain Injuryslug2

I am a lowly slug….gooey, messy, slow, disgusting.

My life oozes mucous-covered challenges.

I have no shell of protection – I am an easy target, vulnerable to many predators. I must live in the shadows to survive, yet what kind of life is that, I ask myself.

Life wants to stomp on me, squash me. “Kill that slimy creature!” it yells.

The world looks at me with disgust and asks, “What do you have of beauty and strength to offer?”


Life as a slug isn’t so bad!

Life as a top, passed me by in a whirl! I didn’t have time to notice and appreciate life. I spun myself into circles and toppled over with exhaustion, only to get up and do it over again.

Yes, I knocked off one goal after another, but what did I have to show for it? Toppled-down pins scattered all about.slug face

As a snail, I have learned about patience and vulnerability. To be more watchful and observant…not just for safety’s sake, but also to appreciate what is beautiful in the world.

Are you repulsed by me and my trail of slime? Slow down and take time to really see me. Look into the depths of my eyes and tell me you don’t see beauty. Look again at the shimmering trail I leave behind…each sparkle celebrates a moment of beauty I have encountered. The vibrant colors of nature, the fragrance of flowers, words of kindness and encouragement, a loving touch or embrace.

Slug Trail© Angela Cramer, 2009


3 Responses to “Changes & Recovery”

  1. 1 barbara slavinski
    August 13, 2009 at 4:48 pm

    Oh Angela, those pictures fit your poetry just fine!
    Let’s get together tomorrow at 2:00.

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