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Internet Websites on Chiropractic Stroke

Action for Victims of Chiropractic – “A support and pressure group in the UK for victims of Complementary Therapies and in particular Chiropractic.”

Chiro Watch – Site strives to educate the public about today’s chiropractic industry. If you’ve “been injured by a chiropractic manipulation, scammed by one of their bizarre methods or gizmos, or told that your child should never get their shots,” you might want to become more informed with information provided on this site.

Chirobase – “Accurate information about chiropractic is not easy to get. Most publishers, editors, and broadcasters are unwilling to examine this topic in depth and to publish critical information. As a result, most reports reaching the public express what chiropractors would like people to believe. This Web site will enable you to deepen your understanding. If you decide to seek chiropractic care, it may also help you find a suitable practitioner.”

Chiropractic neck manipulation can cause injury or death (8 min.) – Apr 15, 2004 – Dr. William Kinsinger’s video presentation at Mercy Health Center in Oklahoma City in April 2004 focuses on the real dangers of highest neck manipulation. Interviews with the parents, and survivors of this technique that has no therapeutic value tell the terrible tale of what can happen if your chiropactor performs this procedure.

Chiropractic Stroke Awareness Group

Chiropractic Stroke – CNN segment with Dr. Gupta

Chiropractic Stroke – Can you sue? CNN segment, Sunny’s Law

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Fact or Fallacy, part one: W-FIVEPatients of chiropractors have suffered life-altering illnesses, but is a common procedure to blame?

Fact or Fallacy, part two: W-FIVE A class-action lawsuit has been launched in Alberta, alleging the provincial government has failed to protect people from risky treatments.

Neck 911 USAThe Neck911 network is an international volunteer group of individuals who provide consultations on complications due to neck manipulation. Although most cases are due to chiropractic manipulation, Neck911 is equally concerned about cases that arise from physical therapists or medical doctors.

V.O.I.C.E.S. – Victims of Irresponsible Chiropractic Education & Standards – “A grassroots non-profit victims organization whose purpose is to raise awareness regarding the injuries, strokes, and deaths that all too often are the result of chiropractic upper neck manipulation. It is the hope of the members of this organization that these senseless injuries and deaths can be prevented so that others do not become victims.”

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