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Resources for Traumatic Brain Injury

Internet Resources on Traumatic Brain Injury

Brain Injury Association of America Provides information, education and support to assist Americans currently living with traumatic brain injury and their families. Has a network of more than 40 chartered state affiliates, as well as hundreds of local chapters and support groups across the country.

Brain Injury Information Page – The Brain Injury Information Page provides information about brain injury, concussion, coma and head injury, for TBI survivors, families of survivors, and caregivers. Its goal is to provide education and assistance with the process of diagnosis and proof of brain injury/head injury. The page features articles, essays, information and diagrams about traumatic brain injury.

BrainLine – “BrainLine is a…project offering information and resources about preventing, treating, and living with TBI. BrainLine…includes a series of webcasts, an electronic newsletter,…(and information for) people with brain injury, their families, professionals in the field, and anyone else in a position to help prevent or ameliorate the toll of TBI.”

Centre for Neuro Skills – TBI Resource

Coma Waiting Page – Designed for people who are waiting while a loved one is in a coma.

Living with a brain injury YouTube Video: Designed for people who don’t know what to expect from

NOVA – science NOW – Brain Trauma “Scientists discuss concussions—injuries to the brain caused by a blow to the head—and new technologies being developed to diagnose traumatic brain injuries.” Watch 11 minute video online, ask an expert questions, share personal stories.

Subtle Brain Injury: Brain Injury Permanency from Concussion – This website’s mission is to provide education with respect to the magnitude of brain injury which does not involve coma. Injuries labeled with names such as concussion, mild brain injury, post concussive syndrome, grossly minimize the potential impact this has upon the life of the injured person.

Traumatic Brain Injury Survival Guide, by Dr. Glen Johnson Clinical Neuropsychologist –

Vertigo and Dizziness after Brain Injury – Provides information about the subtle yet disabling symptoms related to balance that can follow even seemingly minor brain injury.”

What Is Traumatic Brain Injury? – National Center for Injury Prevention and Control –


For additional resources, check out the following section as well:


A. Family, Friends & Neighbors

B. Professionals

C. Finding Other “Survivors”

1. Websites and Blogs of Survivors

2. Websites and Blogs of Caregivers

D. Seeking Help or Resources

1. Interesting Rehab Models

a. Hinds Feet Farm

2. National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped


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