Echoes of Sadness

Sept 25, 2009sad01

Echoes of Sadness

A source of difficulty for many who have a disability is how their social life changes. Some lives change because it is hard for family or friends to understand the invisible nature of a disability such as brain injury. Other’s lives change because they are removed from the work community or the physical community in which they lived or have transportation difficulties. These kinds of changes can lead to an incredible sense of social isolation.

Although I have this kind of social isolation in my life, I have felt very lucky to have home companions who help me combat the effects. My home is in foreclosure and my future is very uncertain at this point. I have tried to capture these feelings in a piece I’ve written for today’s Writers Support Group. Thanks to Terry, and if everything goes well, I will be able to participate for the first time via Skype.

To read my writing piece for today, click on Echoes of Sadness

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