By Angela

The Sage Within

by Angela Cramer

Name your fears,
Let loose your tears
They are not magnets for sorrow
They cleanse and erode
A retreat or abode,
A space for your dreams of tomorrow

Do not fear
Can you not hear
The whispers, the sounds in the wind?
You have a choice
To know her voice
The voice of the sage within


I feel lost
My hope’s been tossed
Into the deep well of despair
How will I know
Which way to go
When darkness surrounds…everywhere

You don’t need sight.
You’ll feel what’s right.
You can go within to explore
Just take it slow,
For you will know
When you’ve reached the sage’s door


When no answer seems right
Then give up the fight
To find it from another
She’ll show you the signs
If you take the time
To let the sage within be your mother

Let go of your worry
Your wild, frantic hurry
To find answers and someone who cares
She knows your hell
And wishes you well
The sage is always there


But I can’t take the pain
I see nothing to gain
To stay around any longer
Said she, “Do not tarry,
Nor fret and be wary
Rest now, let me be the stronger.”

But what will you do?
I’ll stay here with you.
Give up on you? I will never!
Whatever it takes
A life of meaning we’ll make
Your sage within is clever.


When thinking is done
‘Cause answers won’t come
Step out of life’s way and just be
Slow down for a while,
And nurture a smile
The sage within says to me.

Hush….Don’t Rush
Stick your nose in a flower
Take a warm shower
Read a book, sing a song
Call a friend who is strong
Take your dogs for a walk
Listen, don’t talk
To sounds SC03
All around
On your bed build a nest
Of pillows and rest
Boil chamomile tea
Sit under a tree
Rock in a chair
And know that I care
The sage within says to me.

We’ll keep doing this dance
‘Til you’re given the chance
For the world your beauty to know
You’ve too much to share
And you know that I care
I love you too much to let go

© Angela Cramer, 2008-2009

Artwork is from a collection of cards called Soulcards 1: Powerful Images for Creativity and Insight, by Deborah Koff-Chapin


2 Responses to “The Sage Within”

  1. 1 barbara slavinski
    August 19, 2009 at 11:42 am

    Hi Angela,

    Can you send me the PDF?

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