By Angela

Flying on the Wings of Spirit

In Memory of My Mother,
Jaqueline Cramer
(15 July 1935 – 09 Sept 2005)

One of the greatest gifts my mother passed on to me was her love of animals and nature. Over the past few years I have been studying the Native American Medicine Wheel, and specifically, how the Divine Creator speaks to us through animals and nature. Just as some people believe dreams hold messages and guidance about their life, Native Americans believe animals and nature bring important messages and guidance if we take the time to look, listen and reflect.

I believe such an event happened during the last few moments of my mother’s life. My sister, who had stayed at the hospital Thursday night with my mother, returned to the farm on Friday to get some sleep. Just as my mother experienced the last few moments of her life, my sister was approaching the side door to my parents’ house. She saw and heard about 30 or more small winged creatures flying around excitedly. At first she thought they were hummingbirds, since my mother always hung a feeder by the side door. These creatures, unlike hummingbirds, were not drinking from the feeder or fighting to establish territory. As she got closer, she realized that they were very large dragonflies.

The thing I find interesting is that dragonflies represent transformation and the power of light. The early part of their lives is spent living in the water as a nymph. The realm of water represents the emotional turmoil of our physical life as we learn important lessons on earth. As the nymph transforms into a dragonfly, it moves into the realm of air, the home of spirit. For this reason, dragonflies represent the souls of the dead to some Native Americans. As for the message brought by this swarm of dragonflies, the answer will probably be different for each individual.

The bodies of dragonflies have the ability to reflect and refract light, which account for their beautiful jewel-like colors. Just as dragonflies are colorful creatures, anyone who knew my mother would also say that she was a very colorful individual. May her passing from the physical world into the spirit world allow her to bask in the warmth and light of the sun. May her spirit sparkle brightly and shine down upon us so that she continues to touch those of us who remain behind. We wish her well on her new journey.

© Angela Cramer, 2005

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